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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shame, Shame, Shame on Them.

NYC makes about half a billion dollars a year just on parking tickets. People oversleep. People get stuck at work. People get thrown off schedule by children and other responsibilities. We forget to move a car. We park one inch past a line. We are a day or two late renewing a sticker. We're human. New York City is a predator, taking advantage of our human mistakes to target us and fatten an already wasteful budget. For any one of these harmless mistakes, we may be robbed for what to many of us is more money than we earn in an entire day.

But we can fight back. Be as merciless as the City, holding it accountable to every minor detail. In their extreme haste to write tickets and run away in shame, agents make lots of mistakes which invalidate tickets. Hold them accountable to EVERY SINGLE ONE. If you get found guilty and are ordered to pay, you still have the right to appeal. Even if you eventually lose the case, you have the success of knowing that with after all their postage, salary, and paperwork, the city made much less profit from you than if you had paid immediately.

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